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Explosive, dynamic, exciting... addictive!


Sport_Signature_SideNSD Powerball is a revolutionary new Gyroscope which literally explodes with mind numbing inertial forces once you activate its internal rotor!

How fast can you spin it?

An inbuilt speed meter makes it impossible to put down because you'll always want to beat your own high score or those of your friends, making NSD Powerball a seriously entertaining & fiendishly addictive way to exercise and get stronger!


Extreme yet sublime... NSD Powerball!

The unique sphere successfully blurs the line between exercise & fun and is suitable for both male and female, young or old. NSD Powerball generates between 1 - 40lbs of resistance depending on rotor speed and will tone the arms & wrists, build muscle or gently rehabilitate damaged limbs with its smooth non impact action. Inexpensive to buy, this is one of world's most popular gift ideas and will instantly satisfy 4 very specific requirements for you as:

  • The definitive instrument for athletes and enthusiasts of many different kinds of sports, hobbies and pastimes (especially Musicians!)
  • A highly addictive and fun to use "gadget" for competitive males & females (could you secure a place on the Top 100 scoreboard??)
  • A revolutionary new fitness product to help tone the arms and shoulders for women or build substantial power and muscle in the arms, wrists, hands and shoulders for men
  • The perfect instrument to gently rehabilitate lower forearm and wrist joints affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury RSI, arthritis or previous breakage


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